Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April Fools!

First things first, if you are interested in seeing what I've been up to before creating this blog, I suggest checking out my Livejournal (here). In the past year I've transferred all of my journal entries since like... 2004 there, so that should be interesting. I might still post there from time to time, but seeing as I've got more family and friends over here on Blogger, this might become my primary form of journaling from now on.

Now on to business.

So this year I participated in the most awesome April Fools Day prank ever. Usually I'm not a big fan of April Fools' because usually the pranks hurt or embarrass someone. This year, though, my friend Melanie dreamt up the most amazing plan that would be fun for everyone! Here's how it went down:

Dr. Holder, our associate director of Choral Studies who teaches my Teaching Methods IV class and High Altitude vocal jazz octet (and Women's Chorale, which Melanie student conducts), does not pick out his own outfits; his wife Mari does it for him. So Melanie got in contact with her on March 31st to find out what he was going to wear on the 1st: black pants, white shirt, and black & gray tie. Then the plan was put into motion. First it was just going to be our Teaching Methods class, but then we decided to let as many people as possible in on the joke to where even Dr. Copley, our administrative assistant, Susan, and about a third of Shrine showed up wearing the same outfit as Dr. Holder, or renditions thereof:

Teaching Methods IV - Holder's first class of the day:
There are only ten students in this class, one of which didn't come that day, another who didn't want to dress up, and Ben, who did dress up (even a little over-dressed with a suit jacket, because it was pretty windy outside), but had to leave right away at the end of class to get somewhere else.

This is the classic Disapproving Over-the-Glasses Stare silly photo, as requested by Dr. Holder (pictured second to the right, just over my left shoulder).

Women's Chorale comes next, but I wasn't there to take any pictures... Having only been informed by Melanie at 9:30 the night before, though, they had a fairly decent turnout of about 25% of the choir dressing up.

High Altitude (my vocal jazz ensemble):
Everyone showed up dressed! Oh happy day! Holly (far left) put her own flare in by wearing a vest. Ryan "Smallingshead" wore jeans. Boo. I pointed this out, to which he replied, "Why didn't you cut your hair, huh?" or something to that effect.

Oh, and did you notice my awesomely ugly tie? I found it at Goodwill the day before. It has a bunch of old-school floppy discs, a laptop, and a really old computer on it. I bestowed the tie upon Holder the next day when I was done with it. It now sits amongst his tie collection in his office.

Shrine of the Ages Choir:
This was just awesome. About a third of Shrine did it, after Copley sent an email out to the whole choir the night before. You can tell that Holder was just soaking up all the attention.

Everyone else in the music building who wasn't in on the joke would say things like, "There goes another Olive Garden waiter," or "You look like a Mormon." o_O

Well, even though the black pants, white shirt, and tie was pretty generic, it was a smart move on Mari's part, making it easy for as many people as possible to comply. I myself thought it would have been funny if she had picked a colored shirt so that it would be obvious that we went out of our way to get the job done... I had even briefly considered drawing on a five o'clock shadow with my eyeshadow.

It was truly a day that went down as in days of yore.


  1. That was a pretty clever April Fool's Day prank. When your room is all finished, you should post pictures.

    Take luck, I mean care :)

  2. I have a follower! Hooray! Now you need to update your blog so I can read it and make a comment on something else. ;)

    Very origional April Fools...I'm hoping to be pregnant by April Fools so I can tell people, and they'll think it's fake...but it WON'T be. April Fools!!!